Deer Meadow

The moon was out in full force last night so the only option was to wake-up at 03:30 this morning (straight after moon-set) at Drakensberg Sun and head out into Champagne Valley, Drakensberg to shoot some stars.

I’m sure I’ll rave about this for weeks to come: up until first light I saw three deer, an owl, a wild rabbit and shooting stars – absolutely amazing!

The photo below was taken with my old (baby) Canon South Africa 550D using my recently won Sigma South Africa 10-20 lens (F4, ISO 1600, 50 sec). I also used a small LED Lenser USA in the pitch dark.

The 550D does not “see” as well as the big 6D so I had some issues with focussing and my horizontal line (the spare tripod with NIL angle adjustment didn’t help).

Deer Meadow

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— at Drakensberg Sun


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