2015 aQuelle Tour Durban

Sunrise this morning (26 April 2015) at the start of the 105 km Tour Durban in Durban The warmest place to be; a cycling event sponsored by Sunday Tribune aQuelléSUNCOAST Durban and organised by Impi Concept Events.

2015 aQuelle Tour Durban

“The 2015 aQuelle Tour Durban offers riders three route options, including the very popular CYCLOCROSS event that was introduced in 2013. The routes for 2015 remain the same as 2014. Thanks to the support provided by The City of Durban, the event will once again enjoy road closure. The signature event is the 105 km Road Race, attracting the country’s top cycling professionals, and taking riders from the stadium south towards the Bluff along the M4, turning inland along the M7 into Pinetown, and back down into Durban, before heading north up the picturesque M4 highway towards Ballito and back” ~ www.tourdurban.co.za


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