Grade 12 Dance

I’m no portrait / wedding photographer so Friday night was a little stressful practicing with new flashes, rapidly dropping sunset light, generally low light, parents getting excited and Grade 12 couples about to go to their last school dance (with a lot of hopes pinned on me I think). Also, trying to ensure my flash stands weren’t bowled over or blocked by onlookers in a small area. It was the wild west! The photo below is a my favourite. It’s not the sharpest due to the 0.5 sec S/S (terrible) LOL :). F4.5 also lost the one person a little. ISO 800. It was crazy – I semi-panicked between M & AV, moved the stands around and lowered / increased the flash power (lucky I shot in RAW). But hey – I love the photo and suspect the ladies might too (even if it’s just a little). A steep learning curve indeed but I had fun (and built-up a sweat). A little rear light was added in PP wink emoticon. Canon South Africa 6D from Orms. 24-105mm L.

Daylene & Tash

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