India 2014: Dream Big

The inserted photo was first called “Future CEO” but I changed it to “Dream Big”. This little chap, not with all his teeth yet, was daydreaming on the side of the road in Dharavi. Perhaps he was contemplating which business on the street he wants to own one day or which movie he will star in.

I’ve always believed the Pakistani chaps in South Africa to be industrious with barber shops, mobile telephone repair centres, tikka & roti stalls that are open late and offer superb deals, but they seriously need to stand aside for the local Mumbai gents.

I’m no economist so I had to do a little research.

World Affairs (Gordon Chang) recently wrote:

We are headed to “a world-turned-upside-down moment,” which could come as early as 2016. “That’s when,” Businessweek tells us, “India, always the laggard, may pull ahead of China and become the fastest-growing of Asia’s giants.” Rajeev Malik, an economist with the firm CLSA, thinks that, given the current trends, 2016 will be “a big kicker” year. He predicts 7.2 percent growth then. He forecasts China’s will be at 7.1 percent. Move over, China. In a decade, India could have both the world’s biggest population and fastest-growing major economy. Yes, it’s premature, but we can see why Modi talks about our era as “India’s century.”

Dream Big


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