India 2014: Anyone for ice cream

Ice Cream Man

After a little excitement at home with a sunrise shoot at uShaka with Gb, it’s back to India.

I’ve seen many people criticize the Chinese Fishing nets at Fort Cochin, stating it to be a poor tourist attraction. Well folks, you need to open your eyes to all that surrounds the nets. The promenade alongside the nets is full of interesting people and things – friends, courting couples, dogs, healthy crows, vendors, salesmen, and local folk taking a breather, other travellers and so on.

On the side of the nets are the fishermen with their cast nets struggling in the sea weed and strong currents. My favourite vendors are the ones selling freshly squeezed sugar cane juice or the ice cream man! There are also a variety of ships and boats that come in and out of the channel for your viewing pleasure.

Because of the channel and sea to the front, this is an ideal sunset and sunrise spot as you get the sun coming up over water.

The inserted photo is of the ice cream man who sold us top class frozen Cornetto type ice creams; good man!

Don’t forget where the best place to stay is – Heavenly Homestay,Fortcochin


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