There are some places that I photograph and visit where I feel the spontaneous need to stop for a moment and give sincere and heartfelt thanks with eyes closed. I could count those special places easily on one hand; this morning at Poenskop, Port St Johns was one such place / time.
I always referred to the location seen in the middle of the photo as “poen-skop”. After seeing this view through my camera (for the first time despite numerous previous visits), I thought it must be “poen’s-kop” (Poen’s Head). It is also on a point and “poen” in Welsh is “point”. I found vague reference on the net to “bald-head” and firm mention of the Musselcracker fish (also named Poenskop), which can be caught at Poenskop on octopus tentacles.
I could write further on Port St Johns but a previous post of mine says quite a lot. Have a look at a previous post here. If you don’t read the post, at least remember to visit Amapondo Backpackers and Delicious Monster Restaurant (owned by Juliet) if ever in town.


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