Odds and Ends (lots… long download)

Another Day At Boulder's Strait of Winkle Red Dragon Umzimvubu Awakens Port St John's Virginia Gold 6 Virginia Gold 5 Virginia Gold 4 Virginia Gold 2 Virginia Gold 3 Zakuqala (2) Another Painting Virginia Hitachi Rise Playing Again Let Work Begin Virgin Pier Thompson's Arch Never Say Never Believe The Impossible Live Your Passion Born to be Wild Durban Netters Channel Rocks Shipwrecked (2) Of Days Gone By The South Pier Couta Sunrise Margate Memories Rough and Ready  - Copy Ramsgate Pier Painting Simple-Space Umhlanga Awakens Beverly Sunrise Beverly Nights El Beverly El Magnífico El Paradiso Beverly-Sunset Blue Morning Plain Jane Boulder's Dismay Return-to-Boulder's Back at the Lake Tenacity V2 Cape Rainbow Durban Yacht Basin Valley Watcher Kleinmond Dreams Whale Outlook Patience Mother Teresa Boulder's Delight Durban up High V2 In Memory of Heather Bam Thousand Hills Durban up High Serenity Over the Top Poseidon's Playground Slowly Khotso-Garden Kilmun Sunrise Umzimkulu Nights Farm Road Kilmun Sunset Rage Poles Apart Shipwrecked Warm Up Danger Alley Autumn Waiting Golden Dawn Monteseel Valley Monteseel Monteseel Memories_ Meditation Summer's last days Sunrise Rocks Flamingo Coast_V2 Alpine Rd Masjid Cruising the Streets Bike & Bean Durban Dreaming Rod 'n Reel Fishing Sunkist Clouds Louis' View Moyo on Fire Painting at Moyo Wave-breaking dolosse Goodnight Durban Durban Sun Down Glare Building Monster Hout Bay Pano 2-2014 (Large) Stellenbosch Dreams Dave's Back Yard Kalk Bay Sunrise (Large) On the Rocks (Large) Cape Town 1_Determination 5-3-14 (Large) Cape Columbine Memoirs Small Salt Rock Pool 9-2-2014 (Large) Salt Rock North Rock 21-1-14 V2 (Large) Salt Rock North Bank 21-1-14 (Large) Pool wall Salt Rock 20-1-015 (Large) (2) Other Side Salt Rock Pier 20-1-015 (Large) Salt Rock Glory 19-1-2015 (Large) Walk the Plank Salt Rock Pier side 18-1-015 (Large) L side Salt Rock pool 18-1-2015 (Large) Salt Rock Pier 18-1-015 (Large) Khotso sunrise (Large) Khotso Sunset Blessing The Next Side (Large) Door to Thompson's Bay Winkelspruit Almost (Large) Moyo Pier Durban reworked 1-1-14_Passion (2) Nahoon Beach Sept 2013 (Large) Table Mountain 20130522 RW 22022014 (Large) [


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends (lots… long download)”

    1. Thanks Rhys. They are all from my older bunch and had built up over time. From Saturday or so I plan to approach Facebook (see my previous post) differently. I needed to get all the older photos out there to make way for the new.

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