Emma’s Dream

Emma's Dream

Emma’s Dream is about supporting little Emma who is fighting cancer.

“My name is Emma de Vries. In April 2014 I became ill and doctors discovered a growth on my brain close to the stem. I had surgery in April 2014 and most of the tumour was taken out, but 5% falls directly over the brain stem, so it is too hard to remove. Doctors then discovered that the tumour (Medulloblastoma) is malignant and an aggressive form of cancer. I need to have Chemotherapy in order to stop the growth and at the age of three will be able to have radiation. Doctors say it will be a long road ahead but I am a fighter and I have a dream to get through this. Any donation towards my treatment, care and helping overcome this disease would be greatly appreciated.

Please consider helping my family by making a donation.”



5 thoughts on “Emma’s Dream”

  1. Oh absolutely heartbreaking and she is so lovely. How did you meet her? I can’t imagine a child so young going through this all. I’ve watched my father go through it and as an adult it is challenging. Giving hope to this beautiful child and her family.

    1. It’s crazy stuff for sure. Her Mom (Tanya) was previously my PA and we then also worked together at my current company. Tanya was forced to resign to care for Emma – Tanya is a really special Mom 🙂

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