Nik HDR Efex vs. Photomatix

Nik vs Photomatix 1-12-13 Desktop (Large)If you don’t know what HDR photography is then read here. It’s my healthy addiction.

The photos above are a result of my experimenting; the results of which I initially thought were conclusive.But, just when you believe that one software package is superior to the other, then you find that the “loser” is able is do something that the “winner” is incapable of.

Trial software can be downloaded here:

Play with both, try, experiment and then when you get to an advanced stage start thinking about manual blending without either software package. Christopher O’Donnell kindly offers a free e-book in this regard – click here.

Want to learn from one of the HDR masters I follow closely? Then click here to get some free tutorials from Jimmy McIntyre.


10 thoughts on “Nik HDR Efex vs. Photomatix”

  1. Wish it could be my full-time job then I’d love to experiment for hours on end! Great shots, interesting differences in the outcome. As it is for me, I love taking pictures and don’t know a thing beyond that! ~SueBee

  2. I’m experimenting with Topaz plug-ins for Photoshop and these offer a virtually unlimited amount of possibilities. Sometimes combining the different plug-ins (Perfect Suite, Photomatix, etc.) can also give extraordinary results….. It’s a long, long learning curve etc. etc.

      1. I’ve tried it, saw (and see with you) the good but also found out that Nik Efex on its own cannot do what I really want to achieve unless I want to copy you and others. So I keep on experimenting with all kinds of stuff including Topaz, Perfect Suite and Photomatix plus all these combined. All have their pros and contras (for me); it’s in fact a combination of camera, the settings in which I photograph (surrounding, sky, lights, etc.) and processing. Etc. etc.

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