Umhlanga Whale Bone Pier

I have promised myself that the next time I return to this location, I will not take photos of the pier. I always take photos of the pier.

The photos below are variations of the exact same photo.

Kindly choose the photo that you prefer – 1, 2, 3 or 4 and please say why.

whale bone pier 30-9 edit whale bone pier 3 (Large) whale bone pier 2 (Large) whale bone pier 1 (Large)


4 thoughts on “Umhlanga Whale Bone Pier”

    1. Ok, I apologize, now that I’ve clicked on the post and am able to view them all in larger images, I like number 3 best. It’s amazing how the size of an image changes color. In 3, everything seems to be evenly distributed.

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