Feeding my Passion

I have been using my Canon 550D with the standard 18-55 and 70-300 lenses since first acquiring the camera.

Attempts by various salesmen to sell me other more versatile lenses have always failed.

With my birthday coming up I decided to spoil myself and today I splashed out on two brand-new lenses as shown below.

I now hope to produce even better photos in the future.

Happy birthday


8 thoughts on “Feeding my Passion”

  1. In my Nikon days, we called this “NAS” or Nikon Acquisition Syndrome. I guess you can replace the N with a C in your case. You are going to enjoy the 10-20 very much. I had a Tamron 10-24 super wide and it just sucked everything in. Just be aware that the buying does not stop here, lol. I am sure that there are more lenses in your future 😉

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