Tribute to a loving warrior 2

Another tribute to my mother, a loving warrior, following a previous post. She continues to care for the animals she so loves. This commemorative plaque is at Kloof SPCA, kennel 54.




6 thoughts on “Tribute to a loving warrior 2”

  1. We have the Hong Kong Dog Rescue where I live and the other day I fell in love with a little yorkshire terrier. My kids both have volunteered to help walk the dogs. Tributes to your mom for helping mans best friends.

  2. Dear Andy, What a lovely tribute to Mum and I know she would have loved this idea. Such a practical way to honour her and the animals will be so grateful xxx Heather

  3. Hi Andrew, that is truly special! Made me tearful and such a beautiful commemoration for you mother. I am so sorry for her loss, i had no idea it was this year not so long ago. Take care!

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