Basic Photoshop

I attended my first Photoshop course a few months ago. We did some really basic tasks and had loads of fun. Instead of simply deleting the photos, I thought let’s show them off. Nothing grand and lots of imperfections, but a little food for thought for those of us who have no Photoshop experience. The “before” version is followed by the “after”.

PS course (5)

PS course (6)


PS course (9)


PS course (10)

PS course (3)

PS course (4)

PS course (11)

PS course (12)



6 thoughts on “Basic Photoshop”

  1. Photoshop is amazing! I’ve long wanted to get one of their programs but never knew which one, especially love the last photo you edited here…very very cool!

  2. Such cool edits! I have Lightroom but I don’t use it much. It becomes so time consuming, but if I have time it is a lot of fun. I do wish I had Phototshop because most photographers use and sell presents made for Photoshop. You are very good at this!

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