14 thoughts on “Andy ate his way through Turkey 2”

      1. Ha Ha! I would love to go to Istanbul someday. I know I’d take an insane amount of photos. I follow a lot of Turkish Instagrammers and love their pictures. Looking forward to more of your posts!

      2. That sounds like a fair amount to process! Can’t wait to see them. Good think you were there before all the mayhem started. I follow lots of people from Istanbul on Instagram. Seems like an incredible place! 🙂

      3. Yeah I’m curious myself. I’ve been following a blogger who is married to a Turkish husband and she said she has skyped friends there and is concerned. Always hard to get an accurate picture from the media isn’t it?!

      4. We were in the old city and travelled through the asian and europe side of Istanbul – the worst I saw was a crowd waving red flags on TV

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