Bella’s dad, aunt & other relatives

Hercules as a puppy - Copy_tonemapped.tif (Large) Bella March 2013 (2) Bella March 2013 (1)

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8 thoughts on “Bella’s dad, aunt & other relatives”

  1. Hi Andrew

    I’m loving your posts finally I got a chan e on Friday whilst I was sick in bed to get through them. Firstly I have been making comments but it keeps telling me waiting for moderation. So not sure if you getting them.

    Thank you for posting photos of my dogs. Pls just note the white dog with the bunny hat is not Hercules. I took the photo from an Amstaff site and send it for Easter as it was cute.

    I’m going to send you photos of fathe rand granny hey are stunning if you want to post them.thanks so much and loving all your photos!
    Sent from my iPad

    Reply to:; Mobile: 0823363921

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