Holi Festival of Colours, Durban South Africa 2

Easter weekend is over and that means it’s goodbye to the wonderful Festival Of Chariots in Durban until next year.

Be sure to visit the Hare Krishna temples in Chatsworth and Phoenix.

Click here to see the bulk of the photos from the Festival Of Chariots Durban 2011.

20130331_233 (Large) 20130331_10 (Large) 20130331_84 (Large) 20130331_106 (Large) 20130331_114 (Large) 20130331_136 (Large) 20130331_197 (Large) 20130331_216 (Large) 20130331_235 (Large) 20130331_254 (Large) 20130331_259 (Large) 20130331_276 (Large) 20130331_282 (Large) 20130331_299 (Large)

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7 thoughts on “Holi Festival of Colours, Durban South Africa 2”

  1. I never knew the Holi Festival of Colours also took place in South-Africa! I thought I would have to travel to India to be able to experience this….it’s lovely to know that I will one day get to experience this in my own country. Thanks for sharing these great shots Andy!

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