Bella’s first weekend

Well it’s the end of Bella’s first weekend at her new home.

She has a brand new squeaky shoe.

20050101_26.CR2 (Large)

Also, a big garden to roam.

20050101_44.CR2 (Large)

Lots of time to ponder.

20050101_34.CR2 (Large)

And finally, when energy levels drop, lots of shuteye is needed.

20050101_32.CR2 (Large)


15 thoughts on “Bella’s first weekend”

  1. Andrew she is gorgeous. You have depicted her so well. Excellent photos! So proud of her and thank you for taking such good care of her!

      1. Haha it does get better now they biting everything! Eventually they calm down! I’ve also had a couple of remotes I had to replace in my Amstaff lifetime!

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