Introducing Bella

We have a new addition to the family and her name is Bella (AKA Nike amongst her litter).

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Previously in “Of young girls and old men” it was clear that Roscoe needed a “permanent” friend.

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The “old man” Roscoe is over the moon with his new playmate who, at 13 weeks, started giving him the runaround within 2 hours.

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She growled, snapped, chewed, ran away and tried to climb on him.

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Bella is clearly carrying on where Charlie left off.

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Bella arrived yesterday and Roscoe has had his hands full since then (out of breath and gasping for air).

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Bella donna avvenente! (beautiful attractive woman)

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Read more about “Bella” here.

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PS – Nike has clearly been given a firm footing in life and good upbringing thus far by her previous “mom” Mariana.

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On the way home Nike started squealing and became a little agitated. It soon became apparent why when a deposit of properly digested Hills dog food was dumped inside the vehicle (I’m sure if she could have, Nike would have “gone outside”).

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I also noticed her standing at the back door wanting to enter the house. She then suddenly ran to the garden (grass area) and urinated.

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As I type / compile this post, Bella (Nike) is sleeping like a baby (well she is) on a mat inside the house (a little break from Roscoe).

Last night, I got up to see how they were doing. Both Bella and Roscoe were cuddled up on a blanket next to each other. Roscoe could have slept elsewhere but chose to look after and guard his young lady.

Tu sei la cosa più bella che ci sia mai capitata (You are the most beautiful thing ever happened to us).


17 thoughts on “Introducing Bella”

  1. Had a good laugh about the car, sorry! She is gorgeous so proud of her and she looks so happy and settled so quickly. Thank you Andrew for taking such good care of her. Please keep updating us with photos!

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