Festival Of Chariots Durban 2013

Easter weekend is nearly upon us again and that means it’s time for the wonderful Festival Of Chariots in Durban.

This is my favourite festival and therefore one that I attend every year unless I am out of town.

A time for people from all walks of life, no matter their path, to come together as one.

Go to the Festival Facebook site to see why you should pop in for a visit.

Below are some photos that I took at Festival Of Chariots Durban 2011.

IMG_2748 (2) (Large) IMG_2736 (2) (Large) IMG_2751 (2) (Large) IMG_2753 (2) (Large) IMG_2752 (2) (Large) IMG_2764 (2) (Large) IMG_2862 (2) (Large) IMG_2881 (2) (Large) IMG_2644 (2) (Large) IMG_2652 (2) (Large) IMG_2662 (2) (Large) IMG_2667 (2) (Large) IMG_2737 (2) (Large) IMG_2891 (2) (Large) IMG_2890 (2) (Large) IMG_2722 (Large) IMG_2717 (Large)

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