Why we love Durban: The Bluff, Durban – 8

It all started with “Why we love Durban: The Bluff -1“.

This is the final post for now – The Bluff 8.

The background:

I woke up shortly before 04:00, made coffee and then Roscoe (the dog) and I left to catch the sunrise at Brighton / Anstey’s Beach, Durban South Africa.

I took 291 bracketed photos on various settings, as I am still trying to get the hang of HDR photography into the sun or at night.

Photomatix worked overtime when I got home as I tried various settings once again.

The photos below, in addition, had a sort of “painting” effect forced on them.

B Beach paintings (4) (Large) B Beach paintings (1) (Large) B Beach paintings (2) (Large) B Beach paintings (3) (Large)



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