My Dog Family – restored

I’ve had a whole lot of 35 mm printed photos (452 to be exact) lying in a large shoe box in my cupboard for many years now.

On Saturday the 16th of February 2013 I hauled them out and decided to convert them into digital copies.

Many are out of focus, stained and faulted in other ways. However, all reveal great and special memories.

This post and others to follow will showcase some of these photos.

I used my Canon 550 D (flash-off) set on a tripod to take a photo of a photo. Magic Lantern “audio remote shot” was used to avoid any shake on taking each shot.

A number of speckles and stains were removed, but I did not want to spend too much time restoring each photo where and if required.

Here is a follow-on of a previous post where Charlie featured using the “old & restored” photos.

Tags “love caring family motherhood” have been employed as you will see Charlie being “mothered” by B (before she grew up and looked after Roscoe – last two photos).

charlie & B playing (3) (Large) charlie & B playing (1) (Large) charlie & B playing (2) (Large) 20130216_122.CR2 (Large) 20130216_123.CR2 (Large)



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