The Durban Stragglers

The photos below are the last of my January batch, which were looking for a post to feature in.

They show the Morningside “cube” view over the CBD and harbour, Brighton Beach, uShaka Beach, Umgeni River and bridge.

I just hope they don’t make the overseas squad: Larry, Nicki, Jason, Wendy, Tania, Emma, Megan, Shannon, Justin, Cheryl and a few others too homesick.

20130120_19And8more_tonemapped.tif (Large) 20121224_tonemapped (1).tif (Medium) 20121224_tonemapped (3).tif (Medium) 20121229_south beach_tonemapped (8).tif (Medium) 20121229_south beach_tonemapped (2).tif (Medium) 20121229_south beach_tonemapped (7).tif (Medium) 20121229_umgeni_tonemapped 2 (2).tif (Medium) 20121229_umgeni_tonemapped 2 (4).tif (Medium) 20121224_tonemapped (2).tif (Medium)


7 thoughts on “The Durban Stragglers”

  1. Andy, I just noticed your tagline is similar to mine Photographer, Traveler and (in my case) rogue instead of chef. I can cook fairly well, but how did I come to rate myself a rogue and not a chef?

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