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Andrew Harvard Photography

It is likely that most of you did not view one of my first posts in July 2012, which is shown again hereunder with added extras: Club Fresh, Rococco, Relax with Beautiful People and Urchins.

“Early morning 17 January 2012, somewhere on the road between Shantadurga Temple and Morgim Beach in Goa (India), buzzing along on a 125 cc Honda scooter.

Wind racing over my semi-bald head, eyes stinging, mouth watering for that first beer on Morgim Beach and mind gloating over the possibilities (food): chicken tikka, prawn curry, roti, rice, chips…

It was then that I saw the bridge, an upcoming sandy village and a maiden (walking) in a yellow sari.

To be honest, she was just passing by at the time I got captivated by the old bridge and dirty muddy river underneath.

The route from my temporary abode in Candolim, dotted with holy cows, chickens, more scooters, taxis, tantalizing smells, sleepy villages…

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