A “New” Year

All the messages, wishing others well and showing an intention to make good, over the past 24 hours had me thinking that this should really be a daily, weekly or monthly exercise; not something limited to once a year.

This post from Karma Tube rocked my boat:

“Look back on the year with gratitude, focus on your learnings and your growth”.

I also enjoyed:

“Concern yourself with the present only. Do not look back upon the past or worry about the future” ~ Swami Sivananda.

The photos were taken at Anstey’s Beach tidal pool, Bluff Durban.

For more information on this beautiful area of South Africa, visit Ansteys Beach Backpackers.

I will do another post with some more photos of this fairly unspoiled golden beach, where the waves are top and fishing great!

20121224_112_3_4_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121224_118_19_20_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121224_115_6_7_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121224_tonemapped (4) (Medium)


8 thoughts on “A “New” Year”

  1. These images made me so nostalgic, i have vivid memories of choking on salty seawater in this tidal pool as a child! Your images give ordinary things and places a dreamlike quality! I especially like the 3rd one down.

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