Rubber Engineering & The Mind

On the mind, Oliver Wendell Holmes reportedly said “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

Turning to rubber that usually stretches and regains its shape, this afternoon I was given a guided tour of Rubber Engineering in New Germany by the founder, owner and Managing Director, Nandha Moodley, who is one of the most experienced pioneers in the South African Rubber and Polyurethane Roller industry.

He has been active for 29 years, having started his career with Durban-based Rubber Rollers when it was the only roller company in the country.

Given his wealth of experience and exemplary service to the industry, Nandha opened the doors of Premium Rollers in 1999.

After establishing exceptional success in the roller industry for several years, Premium Rollers merged with a leading European entity in 2007.

Since it’s inception in 2005 and after subsequent strategic transitions and expansion, Rubber Engineering merged with a major Durban based entity to establish itself as the flagship roller covering company in KZN, servicing all provinces in South Africa and the neighbouring countries including Mauritius and Madagascar.

The business and attitude of the management and staff was impressive, and it is obvious that Nandha’s mind has been stretched far by many bold ideas for some decades now.

I took my camera along as I thought I may find some lovely well-used machinery; ideal for some post-processing at home. Unfortunately, I forgot the tripod at home.

I “threatened” Nandha that I would bring the photos of his business to life even though the “bad” lighting and my limited experience was not in my favour.

Nandha can be the judge of that (if I succeeded) when he views the photos below.

The next time you see a magazine, school book or tin can (to name but a few), just think that Nandha’s perfectly manufactured rubber rollers may well have “brought them to life”!

20121228_1_2_3_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_31_2_3_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_4_5_6_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_22_3_4_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_7_8_9_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_19_20_21_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_10_1_2_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_13_4_5_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_28_29_30_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_25_6_7_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_34_5_6_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_37_8_9_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_40_1_2_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_43_4_5_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_49_50_51_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_52_3_4_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_55_6_7_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_58_59_60_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_61_2_3_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_64_5_6_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_67_8_9_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_16_7_8_tonemapped.tif (Medium) 20121228_46_7_8_tonemapped.tif (Medium)



15 thoughts on “Rubber Engineering & The Mind”

  1. Fantastic pictures. You have brought life & character to our products and machines. I like the shady pattern of the pictures.

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