Snake Park Beach, Durban South Africa

I read some of Dmitrii’s advice on his blog beautiful HDR, as I said I would, and then thought I was prepared to brave the direct sunlight at Snake Park Beach.

What could go wrong as I had some new “improved” ideas and grand settings to try.

Well the sun mostly got the better of me as the photos below show.

I will of course read Dmitrii’s advice more carefully next time.

Any tips on the settings required will be appreciated from any of you experts out there.

I am using a Canon 550D and Photomatix (no Photoshop). No fancy lenses or any other stuff.


20121216_beach (6) (Medium) 20121216_beach (10) (Medium) 20121216_beach (14) (Medium) 20121216_beach (19) (Medium) 20121216_beach (4) (Medium) 20121216_beach (7) (Medium)




16 thoughts on “Snake Park Beach, Durban South Africa”

  1. The city shots are great btw! For the sun shots make sure you take as many shots as needed. You might need 7 or more shots. I usually add back some contrast as well since it tends to get washed out.

    1. Thanks Mark. Still learning but what do you suggest for exp and other levels: I was using -2 0 +2. ISO 200. F on around 8 then 14 then 18 then I think it stopped at about 22.

      1. Andrew, +2 I think is fine but I would keep going to -4 and maybe -6 EV or more. When the sun looks like a round ball in the LCD is when I stop. I also usually do 1EV steps but they say 2EV is fine. I usually take more than I need as shooting into the sun is about as extreme as it gets. The next problem you might find is the sun is always moving so ghosting becomes a problem. I’m still not satisfied with my own shots either so you’re not alone in trying to improve on these.

  2. These are lovely, Andy. Great compositions, lovely angles of view, beautiful harmonising colours, good balance between light and shadow. I’m no expert, but I look forward to the day when I can take photos like this. I love them.

      1. Just learned the technical details in the short course with Open University. I didn’t have a clue previously. I have used Picasa and Nero, and the course provided Adobe Lightroom 4. To be honest, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of difference between them. I’m told there is another programme called GIMP, which is like Photoshop, but FREE!! I think your photos are wonderful.

  3. I’m sorry, these are photos that need work and help? I’d hate for you to see what I consider my good photos then … these are gorgeous!

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