These chaps can really snap

Last night Timol and I had one cracker of a party to celebrate going away (very soon) to yet another exciting travel destination.

Energy levels today do not allow me to pull out my PHD and search for some interesting photos.

Luckily, there are some really hot photographers on hand who publicly display their talents.

I have selected some of their photos to give you a taste, which will hopefully get you interested so that you click on their names below to link up to their sites, and view more of their great work (passion).

Sanjitpaal Singh

David Heath Williams

David Taylor

Stephanie Borcard

Andy Gray


Aaron Reed

Respectfully asked that his work be removed, but you can still click on his link to see some wonderful shots!


26 thoughts on “These chaps can really snap”

  1. l am glad that you liked my post(2012 award) Artist like you makes our world more beautiful for what you discover with your Cameras.Much success.jalal

  2. Thank you for keeping in touch .Wishing you joyous holidays.By the way these are outstanding delightful pictures.jalal

  3. Thank you Andrew for stopping by my blog. Am glad i met you on blogging, really inspiring stuffs in your blog. I still dont understand how come people dont find time to enjoy such a beautiful and wonderful world and a blessed life in it.

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