Of young girls and old men

Roscoe, now 10 years old, has a “next door neighbour” called Zille (named after a SA politician I hear).

Zille is about 4 years old; a beautiful and precious girl.

Roscoe sees her over the fence every day but only face-to-face, up close and personal, every four months or so.

Zille gives the old man a proper run for his money.

Whilst he is just willing to take her “abuse”, I think she also goes easy on his old bones.

But Roscoe’s energy runs out quick and he soon gets a paw on his sorry head.

Zille springs into action again.

The tongues hang out far during these visits.

Sometimes a hug is all you need.

The ears also take unusual shapes.

At times, Zille looks at the old man and asks “Is that all you got?”.

Despite using up all his energy, Roscoe still manages  a little trot home; happy that he has had a great visit with his young girl (friend).

PS: I was also handsome when I was a puppy – click here.


42 thoughts on “Of young girls and old men”

  1. You are an artist who is discovering for us the hidden beauty of nature.Greetings.jall

  2. They are such beautiful dogs… it is wonderful to see them portrayed in such a way that is not ugly and abusive such as the media would typically have you believe is their only persona.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. Zille is not just any politician. She is a very special politician and formidable opponent of all things unjust and unfair. In short, a very brave girl like the canine lady here! Thanks for some wonderful photos.

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