My name is Roscoe. I was born in 2002.

When dad is cross with me he calls me: “Rascal”.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Boerboel they say.

Dad says I’m a mixture of whatever was going around the area over a period of time.

When I was young I quickly grew bigger than my dad’s size 8 shoe.

I was born into a large litter and from a young age was a bit of a loner.

My mom was very cheeky. I visited her a year after leaving home and she shouted at me!

I think my dad had a hard time with her mood swings.

I look like my dad but have my mom’s chest design.

My sister Jessie is thinner than me. Who knows where she is now.

My first playmate was an Airedale.

My life-mate is Charlie. She is now in dog-heaven.

I really miss Charlie and so does dad. But we make up for it by loving each other even more.

One day soon I will show you a video of how well I can swim and bite a swinging tyre.


PS – when I got big I had a girlfriend called Zille: click here.


15 thoughts on “Roscoe”

  1. Yes, it’s not just we humans who miss our 4-legged friends when they pass. I have seen some of our pets mourn the loss of their companion for months or longer. One of our cats would sleep next to our other cat, his buddy, in the weeks leading up to his when we had to say goodbeye — he knew his friend was sick, and did not want him to be alone. I am sure you and Roscoe are a great comfort to each other since Charlie has been gone. ~ Kat

  2. Hi Andy, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    What a cute dog! Is it strange that his story made me a little teary? Neat to think how dogs feel loss and love. Sweet story. 😉

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