Stumbled across “Candlelit Supper”.

The food looks so yummy – beautiful pics.

Keep Calm and Eat On

“There are unopened boxes from the time I moved like two years back or so. I never got around opening them. Gosh, I don’t even know what’s in them”  Two years ago when I heard some of my friends say things like that, I thought it was the most ridiculous thing. I mean, how could you not open your boxes? Aren’t you missing things? Don’t you need them? Two years is a really long time! Isn’t two years a tad too long to procrastinate?

Two years back we packed a lot of boxes. “We” included my husband (whose talent does not lie in packing anything), my in-laws (who are extremely helpful and careful and who pack one item per box with more newspaper than Rupert Murdoch could publish), my mother (who had never packed boxes for moving in her life – the only move she made was when she married…

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