I Climbed Mt. Fuji !

Breathtaking photos!

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It was almost a year ago when I first visited Mt. Fuji 5th Station just to look around. I was immediately fascinated with the number of hikers ready to conquer the 3,776m inactive volcano.

I vowed to myself that I shall return on the next hiking season and be on of those that can proudly say “I climbed Mt. Fuji”. This self-commitment was achieved last weekend when I reach the top of Mt.Fuji at around 3:30 am.

Though I usually hike alone, I know that Mt. Fuji hiking was more of an experience to be shared with friends or colleagues. With a group of 7 people (6 men + me), we took the 9:40 am Keio Highway bus from Shinjuku to the start of the hiking trail, the 5th Station.

Arriving at around 12:45 pm at the 5th station (2,305m), the climate was a mixture of fog…

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