Great People Great Lessons and Our simple talks

Thank you to Cimplicityrockss for a great site and my One Lovely Blog Award.

As the rules go; I need to reveal 7 things about myself:

  1. Love taking photos
  2. Streetwise
  3. Enjoy hot food – lots of chillies and spice
  4. Love my dog and Timol
  5. Give back with interest at times that which I receive
  6. Soft heart
  7. Thick exterior

Now to nominate 15 bloggers for the same award:

  3. getsetandgo
  4. Homemade With Mess
  5. omeletta
  6. See What Eye See
  7. Cristian Mihai
  8. the WALK and TALK
  9. Bucket List Publications

10. little lady, big city








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This blog as you see will be as simple as possible because being simple and straight makes things easier isn’t it ? If you see it interesting please read and give me your feedback or else just move on and read what you feel to be interesting 🙂
So what is this blog all about?

  • This is about great people, great lessons in our simple talks **simple yet splendid **
  • Its you and me on one hand and these great personalities and great lessons on the other hand. Its easy for a person to write from any corner of the world but it is difficult for the same to understand, learn and live what we read/write in our life.
  • I shall bring in my real life experiences relating them to everything that I come across to be great

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