The Best of India 2009

Whilst this is essentially a “travel” post, I have also included it under “photography” as the photographs below (all taken by me during my first trip to India in December 2009) were picked out by a friend of mine (Ben).

Ben, an accomplished photographer, kindly spiced up their colour and contrast on my behalf.

Visit his site right here to see some of his stunning work. I keep telling him that he should pursue his hot passion and talent on a full time basis! (yes, he is only part-time for now).

I used a Canon PowerShot S5 IS, that has since been replaced by a Canon 550D, both of which are only used on “auto”.

Here is “The Best of India 2009” in three photographs:

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden, West bank of River Hooghly in Shibpur, Howrah nearly 8 km from center of city Kolkata, West Bengal

Kali Temple, Kalighat Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Down the road somewhere from Bodhi Tree, near Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station south Kolkata



15 thoughts on “The Best of India 2009”

  1. Hi Andy, nice work there, I love the texture on the last one, I’m interested to see you only use the auto setting, the 550D you’re using is way more sophisticated than the little G11 I’m using at the moment and must have a much better auto setting. The G11 on auto is pretty awful really, flat and dull, I find I’m using the manual setting mostly, and exposing for the highlights and at least that way not getting any of those pure white hot spots.

    1. Hi Ross, all those pics were taken with my “old” Canon S5iS on Auto. I emailed them to my friend Ben, an expert, who helped tweak them somehow. That did help the quality and may be why the texture is better. Cheers, Andrew

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